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Lodging in Pinetop, Arizona

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Lodging in Pinetop, Arizona

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By Antlers Inn, Jun 12 2017 03:31PM

As we near the end of Spring 2017 and summer beginning on June 20th, I took one more short tour of our White Mountain forests. Summer has its beauty, Spring has its own. You don’t have to be a camper to enjoy the beauty the White Mountains of Arizona offers. Visiting and vacationing motel travelers can equally delight in the great view of wild life and landscape on easy to navigate open roads, paved and serviced.

My wife and I took a short trip up to Hawley Lake, then on service roads to Christmas Tree Lake area. Wild turkeys, horses and range cattle were plentiful as were a variety of birds, and owls. Had we more time and stayed a little longer the meadows would be populated with elk or deer, perhaps some bear cubs playing in the distant, but photographic mountain meadows we drove by.

While the Cool White Mountains provide great scenic delights, it offers visitors a cool, dry and fresh environment, close enough for weekend getaways or a full-throttle vacation.

Good travels


Guest writer

Antlers Inn

By Antlers Inn, May 25 2017 02:11PM

Memorial Day weekend as a rule honors those who have fallen in-service. But we should also remember, honor and care for those U.S Military service members who are alive, wounded and in need of our love and care. With aunts, uncles, parents and children and friends who’ve and are serving in the military. My memories, thoughts, prayers, respect, and thanks goes out to all.

Americans this weekend, will honor the memorials of servicemen and women, thanking God for those still living. The White Mountains of Arizona is a community made up of lush forests, high plateaus and an honest to goodness, real Americana. With plenty of Memorial Weekend activities, I’d encourage everyone to enjoy the beauty, sights and sounds, the cool comfort of our communities have to offer. Join us in celebrating Memorial Day with a host of simple Americana events or just enjoy what makes America great, its majesty, for what, those honored this weekend have left us.

Links to some of the activities this Memorial Weekend in the White Mountains.

Trapper Days

White Mountains 11th annual Spring Carnival

Gem Show

4th Annual 5K Walk/Run Benefiting White Mountain Hospice Foundation

Celebrate Memorial Day in Concho

David Schlatter

Guest writer

Antler’s Inn

By Antlers Inn, Apr 21 2017 04:41PM

Now that we’re in the heart of Springtime in the White Mountains of Arizona. I’m ready, bees are buzzing, and Hummingbirds are humming. With many great photo opportunities, now is the time to plan a weekend trip to the White Mountains of Arizona. The weather is cool and the drive from Phoenix and or Tucson is filled with color and wild life.

Yesterday, I witnessed the fishery stocking truck on the road visiting many of the (52) lakes available for visitors and residents to enjoy. If you love to fish, or just starting too. Now is the time. Pack your poles or visit one of our many stores offering great fishing equipment.

Personally, my wife and I are packing our picnic basket with salami, cheese and a crisp baguette. Then taking a driving tour and seizing all the photo opts we can find here in the White Mountains. It’s gorgeous. Join us. Pinetop, Arizona is less than three hours from Phoenix and Tucson. The air is cool, crisp, clear and clean. If you’re not into picnicking, we have a wide variety of great restaurants and fast food choices in Pinetop and Show Low.

Guest contributor, writer and local resident

David Schlatter

By Antlers Inn, Feb 5 2017 05:59PM

As child growing up in the wilderness of Los Angeles, ok, maybe not like the wilderness of the White Mountains of Arizona. I’d look forward to our trips to the local mountains for winter fun, tubing. So, glad Sunrise opened the new ‘Sunrise Tubing Hill Experience at Lake Ono’.

Winter tubing on the snow slopes was special in that, the whole family enjoyed the time together. Opposed to individualized skiing. Short fast runs meant more time to do it again and again. We were not only able to share our experiences immediately, but they were witnessed live by the whole family for lots of laughs and fun.

I hope you can find time this winter for yourself and the family to experience the fun everyone will share, in Arizona’s own wonderland. The Beautiful winter landscaped White Mountains.

Guest contributor and writer

David Schlatter

Antlers Inn Pinetop, AZ

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